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   Do you know that?

  1. 40% patient call for appointment after viewing the testimonial of satisfied patients.
  2. 58% of people believe that medical practice with good quality video is more trustworthy.
  3. There are now over 3 billion health care video searches a month on YouTube.
  4. 87% of the patients use the online search engine for health care information and Google; the most popular search engine ranks video 53x more than text.
  5. 54% of patients prefer to receive useful information in the form of video.
  6. 80% of patients watch videos while only 20% read the written context.
  7. 52% of marketers consider video to be the best content type with more return on investment.
  8. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  9. You can show your service and expertise in your own words to win your patients’ trust.
  10. An explainer video on health issues increase the outreach of the hospital and build a loyal audience.

Based on these statistics,

Every hospital must use the weapon of video marketing with the help of WEBSOFTIC to beat the completion, show their expertise and build trust to grow their Health Care Center.


Websoftic is a creative digital agency having 5 years plus experience in the field of digital marketing.We helped 50+ clinics to grow their Health Care Center with video and digital marketing with our experienced team.

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