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Video Marketing

Effective Video Marketing plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. Marketers believe that video gives more good results, return on investment, engagement and sharing as compared to content and graphics combined marketing. People are visual learners. So, they like to watch videos. Moreover, a short video can provide more information as compared to short written content.

These are some important points for Effective Video Marketing.

1)Tell Your Story

Don’t be the person who just wants to sell their products. Tell your story to the people to keep their interest in your video. Big Brands always have their own stories. Adding stories into your videos improves your viewer engagement greatly. Tell your story by sharing it with your audience through videos.

2) First 05 Seconds

Grab the attention of your audience in the first 05 seconds because it the right time for the decision of your viewer to watch the video or not. Try your best to grab the attention of the audience in the first 05 seconds because if you couldn’t do it, then your audience will scroll your video and strategy will not be fruitful. Try to ask questions with curiosity to grab the attention of your audience in the first 05 seconds.

3) Hook

Always try to hook your audience in your video by giving them special offers, discounts, etc. It will force your audience to watch the complete video. It is a great way to keep the audience interested in your video

4) Be Funny

Add some fun in your video, don’t be so boring. People don’t like to watch boring videos. Add some humor in your video to make it interesting and funny. If you want your video campaign to be successful, create exciting videos that can never be boring.

5) Make Short Videos

Always make short videos. People don’t have spare time to watch your lengthy videos. So, create short videos with full information to save the time of your audience.

6) Optimize with SEO

Optimize your video by adding keywords in your description. Always find the best relevant keywords with low competition for your video, which will optimize your video in Search Engines also. The better-optimized video has a better chance for views of your audience.

7) Call to Action

Never forget to add a call to action in your video. If you want to land your audience on your landing page or somewhere else then, always add a call to action. If your audience doesn’t know what to do after watching your video, then you are wasting your money and time.

8) Add Testimonials

You can add testimonials of your services or products in your videos. After searching for a product or service on the internet, people love to watch testimonials. You can add testimonials of your satisfied clients to win the trust of your new audience.

9) Educate your Audience

Video is a great way to educate your audience. You can add tutorials about how to use your products in an effective way. You can invite them to Webinars to create their interest in your services or courses to generate the leads.

10) Mobile Friendly

More than half of the people world population use mobile devices; it’s necessary to create videos that are mobile-friendly. According to YouTube, every year, mobile consumption increase by 100%. Therefore, marketing videos should be downloadable on mobile devices.